Photo by Ryan Loe

silver fox life

Silver Fox is the brain childe of Shannon Day.  Shannon has been consulting and working within the female fields of expansion, empowerment & sensuality for over 35 years.  A musician, sound healer, 1st degree black belt Nia facilitator, and archetypal/astrological goddess expert, she has been facilitating women throughout the globe in reconnecting with their bodies and inner wisdom.

SilverFoxLife, became a natural tag line in concordance with Shannon’s silver hair while living in Edinburgh, Scotland with her husband.  While studying ancient history and visiting over 70 pagan stone sites of reverence, she found that the agrarian goddess cultures, and warrior Viking female states still spoke within her DNA.  Strong feminine based societies, living in accordance with nature and their animal body desires, at one with heaven, each other, and the earth.

“Women are the largest untapped resource on the planet.  When women gather together in support of one another, sharing their tears and triumphs, they become strong, safe, satisfied & ultimately sensual.”

With the advent of social media, youth predominant culture, and the maelstrom of semantic and judgment bullying in her own life as well as others, Shannon felt it important to create a forum for all things inspiring, positive, helpful, and above all, steeped in Truth.

The information on silver fox life is a culmination of women speaking their hearts and minds.  Not only to be heard, but to inform and invite juiciness into their lives and the lives of others. 

Shannon teaches workshops throughout the US, Europe, & the UK, promoting body based awareness, sounding, & sensuality.  She also produces Goddess Shoots & Wise/Wild Women Gatherings, creating photography, art, movement, and experiences that honor expression in all forms.