Madame Debbie

I pride myself on the fact that I take time to look good as much as I pride myself on feeling good, which is a priority in my life. So much so that movement and living healthy is my business. According to my mom, dressing beautifully and presenting something attractive and inspiring to look at is also my business.

I grew up being told I had a responsibility to make anything better. To make things better included what I said, my body language, facial expressions, thoughts, feelings, and my overall look. Over my lifetime this lesson has impacted the decisions about what I wear.

This morning at my local hangout, Starbucks, I was surprised! As I stood dressed in a favorite blue and white wide striped skirt and off the shoulder matching top, the woman next to me commented on how I always look so beautiful and put together. She then began to tell me how she fantasizes about what I do; working as a madame! We laughed and I said, “No such thing, I’m a brain surgeon!”

She left with a better story than the one she came in with. I left things better!

~ Debbie Rosas