Seduction Through Sound
12:00 PM12:00

Seduction Through Sound

  ~Feel the Vibration of Your Body, and the Voice from Within~ 

From the moment we are born, we create SOUND.

As time progresses, we find ourselves less apt to find our voice due to social and environmental conditioning.

Shannon Day, Master, 1st Degree Black Belt Facilitator, and composer of “Saioule”, Sounding through the Chakras, will lead you through an experience of ease and dynamism.  You will inhabit your voice, and rediscover your soft animal body through this ancient energy system.

Using tone, movement, and music, you will discover transformational aspects of yourself, and revel in the magic of sound.

Tone, breath, and music create vibration, and vibration creates connection.  Connection creates unity and oneness with others and soul.

COST: $55.oo for the day

Workshop includes:

  • A 1 ½ hour Nia “Sounding” class. Come ready to move.
  • Download of “Saioule”, composed by Shannon Day, for enjoyment and practice at home.
  • Educational information for research and future use.

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Chanting the Sutras Through the Chakras with Shannon Day & Tara Mala White
12:00 PM12:00

Chanting the Sutras Through the Chakras with Shannon Day & Tara Mala White

Join Shannon Day & Tara Mala White on a healing journey through the Chakras through Sound.

Learn ancient yogic sutras to calm the mind, spirit, & body.  Then enact the sutras throughout the chakra system as a tool for self examination, enlightenment, and as a "tune-up".

You will receive a recording of ancient sutras to practice at home.

Shannon Day's CD "Saioule", sounding through the chakras.

Tools for use at home and practice hand outs for further discovery.

COST: $75.00

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Wild Wise Women Retreat with Shannon Day & Britta Von Tagen
to May 20

Wild Wise Women Retreat with Shannon Day & Britta Von Tagen

Held at a 420 acre, private vineyard and ranch in the Columbia River Gorge.

Location and directions available upon registration

As we near summer, the time of celebrating sensuality, nature, and prosperity, we wild wise women gather to sow seeds of light.  This retreat will encourage self-examination, manifestation, wild craft, dance, movement, martial arts/sword play, music & yoga.

Schedule of events upon request~

Please bring hiking shoes for walkabouts/caving and swimwear/boat shoes for river relaxing.

All of us will be camping, so bring your favorite tent, sleeping bag, pillows, and joy.

There are showers and bathroom facilities, a big kitchen and warmth...

All meals included, $350.00

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Ongoing Private Consultations with Shannon Day
to Dec 15

Ongoing Private Consultations with Shannon Day

Jump start your "Intuitive Knowledge" through private consults with Shannon Day.  Every woman is a "Priestess of Pleasure" in her own right.  Through private training and personal connection we will create the perfect plan for you to blossom.

Weekly to monthly check ins.

Assignments for further growth.

Tool box for experimentation.

Finding your "Why" & what "Lights" you up.

Personal anecdotes, health assessment, lifestyle radiance, & practices to step into your genius.

Initial Consult: $250, full assessment, with all questionnaires & paperwork.

Further Coaching: $125.oo an hour. 

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